St Francis Xavier Sixth Form College

e-ST eMarkBook – Supporting learners through effective tracking of their performance

This presentation was about recording and tracking for learning and differentiation using a particular product developed in partnership and now available on the market.

The reason for using this technology:

Teaching and learning is best informed through recording and regular tracking of ongoing assessments. The e-ST eMarkBook provides a platform in which teachers are able to flexibly record academic and vocational homework, classwork or mock test marks for each taught module.

  • Effective tracking important for teachers
  • Increases learners’ engagement; students seeing their performance is empowering.
  • Enables better management of the curriculum; heads of department can see high level snapshot and can also drill down to groups and students; prompts interventions

Effective tracking results in effective planning, supporting individual students in a personalised way.

How it was used

  • When the tutor signs in all units are visible. They can see target grades and scores for all students.
  • Richer information than just the grade.
  • The system is used at parents’ evening.

View the presentation slides on Slideshare:

Using eMarkBook, teachers are able to compare progress of each topic and identify areas that may require further work. Averages for individuals and groups are powerful indicators for teachers who can translate the information and where necessary differentiate and personalise teaching and learning styles as well as review resources.

For vocational courses, teachers are able to record achievements per criteria and the system will automatically calculate pass, merit or distinction grade for the unit along with overall vocational qualification outcome. These grades then culminate into producing a vocational student record form (SRF) which can be used to record vocational results with the examination board.

Through the e-ST student portal, students can see their assessed results and are able to use this information to focus on areas for improvements. More importantly, it is an empowering tool for the students to take ownership of their learning. eMarkBook can become the medium by which managers are better informed about progress of the subject areas that they are leading and where necessary agree strategies to support relevant areas. The system can be used by senior managers to review progress against key teaching and learning priorities and link the progress into the college curriculum self-assessment review.

About the presenters:

Shah Ali, Assistant Principal (Corporate, Resources and Quality)

Shah is a member of the senior leadership team at SFX College with over 15 years of management and leadership experience. His career began as a lecturer of engineering and computing with an “outstanding” teaching and learning profile. He has been in the education sector for over 20 years and has worked in a range of key positions, from head of curriculum areas, to managing MIS and Director of institute. Since joining SFX College’s senior leadership team, Shah has brought vision and direction to the college and has been instrumental in leading on innovation and change which has had direct impact on the quality of teaching and learning outcomes and management.

Bernadette Griffin, Head of Sociology, Head of Humanities and Creative School

Bernadette has over 25 years teaching experience, was a Senior Examiner for AQA, is an experienced head of department and leader of a large number of departments and teams. As an outstanding sociology teacher she continues to be instrumental in providing high quality learning outcomes through the innovative use of eMarkBook and the relevant reporting functionality.