Morley College

Remote Exchange – the dynamics of interaction

Students from Morley College

The pedagogical imperative of enriching the processes of teaching, learning and creativity within educational and productive environments informed research activities concerned with the range and quality of communicative interactions possible through remote exchange.

Tim Taylor and Carolyn Roy (Remotely) from Morley College demonstrated a live interaction involving students. They used Visimeet – a platform provided by janet.

View the presentation and remote exchange process and performance:

 Tim TaylorAbout the presenter:

Tim Taylor, Head of Section: Dance

Tim Taylor has broad experience as an interdisciplinary artist. His work crosses many different genres of performance including dance, straight drama, musical theatre, comedy-sketch and song recital.

In 2012, he completed a practice as research-based MA in Contemporary Arts at Manchester Metropolitan University for which he gained a pass with distinction.

His current arts practice includes working in association with choreographer Jacky Lansley – Director of the Dance Research Studio. This affiliation is facilitative in terms of the provision of a space for the development of work with fellow artist associates and Jacky’s input also offers a depth of mentoring support that is invaluable to a range of creative processes. Equally, the reciprocity of the relationship means that artist associates are able, in turn, to contribute to a variety of initiatives led by Jacky and that centre around the work taking place at the Dance Research Studio.

Tim has been Head of Section for Dance at Morley College since January 2012. He has also been teaching acting since 2005 and his work has included a programme of acting studies for adults with learning difficulties and disabilities. As Head of Section: Dance, Tim’s aim is that the Dance Department should achieve a successful balance between the provision of a popular and eclectic programme of dance catering for a diversity of demand together with an innovative programme of more experimental curriculum development, dance arts in the community and dance performance opportunity for adult learners.


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