e-Learning Quality Standards and Online CPD courses for Moodle

The Barnet CPD session!! Would love to develop something similar.
~Juli Macarthur, City of Westminster College

The Quality Wheel has opened up e-learning at Barnet & Southgate

Barnet CPD Prezi showing Quality Wheel

The resources shown in this session created a real buzz, with many delegates asking for them!

You can find all the CPD resources shown by following this link to Prezi


Watch the whole presentation:


Q. Where to start to create an Online CPD course for teaching staff ?
A. Ask the learners first
Barnet and Southgate students were pleased to be asked what they would like to see on the college’s Moodle, called iLearn

  • A layout more like social media, using tabs to arrange subjects, open up permissions to learners, make it ‘more than a repository please.’
  • Students were asking to more involved.
  • What everyone wants -a  learning environment that encourages autonomous learning

How to involve Quality?  Gold, silver and bronze standards enabled tutors to understand how e-learning could be enhanced.

How was the learning enhanced?delegates viewing the quality wheel

  • Online CPD courses for staff
  • Getting feedback from staff as well as giving them certificates on completion.

Kate, a teaching and learning coach, told us that the online CPD course is a fantastic way of encouraging teachers to make small steps – such as using wikis – that can bring big change.

Any tips for using in others’ practice?

  • Keep learning from others – Angela is grateful for time spent with Croydon College which widened their approach.
  • Barnet and Southgate is a very large college, this is a way of upskilling a large workforce and reaching staff  anytime, any place.
  • CPD has usually focused on content but we need now to focus on use

Delegate captures Quality Wheel on iPad

This session from Barnet and Southgate College explored measuring e-learning quality standards for blended learning courses on Moodle using Gold, Silver and Bronze course medals. The aim is to create awareness of how a course is used and what the role of the learner is, as well as creating blended courses that promote interaction and collaboration between students and staff. The showcase will cover:

• e-Learning Quality Standards Model (Wheel)
• Online CPD training modules for staff and students at Gold, Silver and Bronze standard
• Implementing the quality standards
• Student and staff perspectives

About the presenters:

Angela Rideau

Angela Rideau, e-Learning Coordinator

Angela has been working in the field of E-Learning for just under 2 years and has a background in teaching Business Studies in both FE and HE sectors.

She has developed the eAmbassador Project into the DigiDesk Project as well as developing an E-Learning Quality Standards Model and has worked on a marketing Campaign for ‘Keep Warm Online Induction Courses’.

She is currently working on Online CPD courses and well as working closely with the DigiDesk Advisors to harness the skills of students and to involve them in Quality Assurance Processes.

Kate James, Health and Social Care Lecturer and e-Champion

Kate James

Kate wears a number of hats; Lecturer, eChampion and Teaching & Learning Coach. She has done a lot of work in promoting the use of digital tools in teaching and learning to enhance the learner experience. She regularly supports her peers by providing ongoing training support.

Kate presented on using animations and avatar’s in last year’s eFactor event and is constantly utilising new tools such to enrich the learning experience.

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