DigiDesk Social Enterprise: Student e-Ambassadors Fixing the System

“If we don’t know, we’ll find out!” say the DigiDesk team.

  • The Digital e-Learning Helpdesk is a social enterprise project, where student e-ambassadors work in a ‘Learning Company’ to gain work experience and develop their employability skills.
  •  The Digidesk provides first line support on e-basics and is run by students, for students and staff.
  • Barnet and Southgate College has approximately 15 DigiDesk advisors  drawn from the BTEC I.T., Animation and A level courses and they put their theoretical skills into practice at the DigiDesk.
Link to DigiDesk Prezi

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We are treated as staff members ~ digidesk team

Benefits for teaching and learning

  • Gives teachers more time to teach as they benefit from access to knowledge and skills of professional and supportive DigiDesk students
  • The helpdesk is staffed by students from a variety of backgrounds and not one ‘expert’.
  • The team help with e-learning tools and college systems

The Q&A

  • How do you fit in helpdesk work with your studies? The students organise their helpdesk time around their college timetables – they can commit to short or long term, and have the option of staffing the helpdesk for a whole day or two half-days
  • Do you get paid?  – No, it’s voluntary!DigiDesk students
  • Does it help your studies? – In different ways for different students. e.g.A level engineering – helps extend skills; IT level 3 –  useful experience; one student 6 years in the UK had never touched a computer before… learned new skills and developed social skills and confidence in helping other students and staff.

About the presenters:

Angela Rideau, e-Learning Coordinator

Angela has been working in the field of E-Learning for just under 2 years and has a background in teaching Business Studies in both FE and HE sectors.

She has developed the eAmbassador Project into the DigiDesk Project as well as developing an E-Learning Quality Standards Model and has worked on a marketing Campaign for ‘Keep Warm Online Induction Courses’.

She is currently working on Online CPD courses and well as working closely with the DigiDesk Advisors to harness the skills of students and to involve them in Quality Assurance Processes.

Gareth Davies, DigiDesk Advisor

Gareth started exploring Google Communities and has helped to conduct a Moodle Audit of a sample of teaching courses against specific criteria.

Digidesk studentShokryah Mohamadi, DigiDesk Advisor

Shokryah is a BTEC level 3 IT student who enjoys helping students and staff and has started exploring how to use the iPad effectively and has helped to record videos to capture the learner voice

Jim Notarantonio, DigiDesk Advisor

Jim is our MAC Guru and is a confident user of how to use an iMAC. He has delivered CPD session for staff on using an iMAC. He is studying BTEC L3 Animation.

William Woodham, DigiDesk Advisor

William studies A levels and was naturally helping people in the LRC so working at the DigiDesk was a natural transition. He has delivered training to the whole of the A level department on designing an effective Moodle course.

Caroline Parson, Senior Learner Resource Centre Advisor

Caroline works in the LRC and works alongside the DigiDesk Advisors and she will share the staff experience of working with the DigiDesk team.