Let Google Drive your classroom

The Google session from Barking College was a good real life example of how to use Google Technologies. Nice to see it happening right in front of you. Sophie Hutchinson, CoHENEL

Barking and Dagenham College show how learners use Google tools to lead by example

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The reason for using technology

Barking College presenters onstage

Free Google tools to increase efficiency,collaboration and engagement.We had a live  Google hangouts demo showing two learners collaborating on a presentation -and  one of the participants was using his phone!

How it was used

  • Challenge Entrepreneurship project (where learners won a trip to India). Google  tools such as hangouts allowed them to remain connected 24/7.  They prepared a presentation including the final pitch and carried out market research – ’brilliant for collaborating’ says Steve, student.
  • ‘Maths is so boring’ students complain but Google tools encourage creativity; a google doc can be used at the start of the lesson for a brainstorm or a warmer activity.We were asked to go on our mobile phone to try it out see here:http://goo.gl/gLn9aE
  • Shared Google docs for  staff meetings with lecturers working on lesson plans and they do not have to be  the same room at the same time
  • Help learners with the writing process where the revision history makes students accountable for their work
  • Learners assignments can be shared online with ongoing continuous feedback
  • Spreadsheets can be used to check learners’ homework and they can also be shared with learners and parents
  • Google translate features in Gmail and can be used  to communicate with parents who may have some difficulty with the English language
  • Forms is a top favorite and again we were asked to go in and fill out a quick form:click here http://goo.gl/K36HlL.The results were coming up on the screen in real time – great for tracking and assessment  as well as learners surveys.

you can really tell by now that I love Google Drive

Any tips for using in others’ practice

  • Everyone has a mobile phone so get the learners to work with you
  • Staff can edit documents together
  • Stimulate lessons
  • Revolutionise tracking and marking with forms
  • As a teacher make a folder for every individual students so that teacher can access it to make comments

Tools  for teachers and learners: the use of Gmail, Talk (IM and Video) Groups (let students easily create and work in teams) Calendar, Docs, Sites, Videos and Postini.

Learners and educators have a wealth of learning and productivity tools available to them online. Google offers some of the highest-quality resources on the web to meet all study and teaching needs, and all you need to access them is an internet connection.  – Danielle Watts and Bilal Bobat

About the presenters:

Danielle and BilalDanielle Watts, Functional Skills Lecturer Maths and English

I spent 5 years working as a Legal Secretary before a career change to teaching. Whilst studying I worked a cover supervisor in two different Secondary Schools, and also taught in Primary. I began working at Barking and Dagenham College in April 2013 as an Agency Worker and was offered a full time position which started in August 2013. At present I teach Functional Skills Maths and English levels ranging from E1 to L2 and GCSE Maths. I am currently completing the last year of my DTTLS course which ends in June and once completed looking forward to starting my QTLS.

Bilal Bobat, Functional Skills Lecturer Maths and English

I started teaching almost 3 years ago, working with at risk learners, disengaged learners. I started working at Barking & Dagenham College in August 2013, currently teaching Functional Skills Maths and English. Having completed my DTTLS course, in September 2013, I will be applying for QTLS in the near future. Since working here I have aimed to implement sophisticated and meaningful ways of using technology in the classroom.