Introducing the Code Club @bdc

“Programmers are wizards of the future with magic powers”@TysoeD

Why Code Club?

IT students at the college run an IT fix-it shop on site and lots of fellow students came in asking if they could be taught to code; Ellen Kerr, former student and now IT lecturer said: “I felt my heart break when I had to say no”.

So the Code Club was set up as a voluntary service within Barking and Dagenham College. It was introduced so that everyone could have the chance to learn to code or further their coding skills.

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Ellen quoted Steve Jobs who once said that everyone should learn how to code because it teaches them how to think. Even superstars such as are telling us all to do it! So the really great thing about Code Club is that it welcomes everyone from across the college and with different levels of education.

Even staff members join the club which is great as we can all learn and create together
~Phil, animation student.IMG_1285 (Large)

How was learning enhanced?

People with a passion to learn how to develop apps come together and get involved in some exciting projects. However, club members are also able to develop at their own pace with no pressure to stick to curriculum deadlines. They can just explore coding for the fun of it!

IT in class can be quite boring and intense but going to the code club and doing small projects such as learning code to open and shut curtains is a fun way of learning” ~Gausika, IT student

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The benefits

One team of students developed a web application which led to them becoming runners up in an international competition and winning a £2500 prize! The team’s work has also been seen and judged by Ubuntu and Google.

‘What a great result after one hour a week!’ Gausika,  IT student.

delegates following QR code for Code Club

The future plan for the Code Club @bdc is to contact and liaise with developers and eventually to have students working and learning from them.

This idea got a strong reaction from delegates, who were quick to follow the link given for Code Club…

 Click the image to view the presentation slides:

Click on the image to see the presentationCode Club presenters

About the presenters:

Ellen Kerr is the host of Code Club @bdc. She is a highly motivated person and has a strong passion for education. Ellen Kerr has been an ICT Teacher for one year at Barking and Dagenham College having been inspired to train after studying at the College.

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Ellen has been involved within many projects. She has managed a successful student-run ICT shop and has trained many students to develop their skills and find future employment. It was this that inspired Ellen to start the code club @bdc, and provide everyone with the chance to learn to code and gain additional skills.