A Gamification Session… a lighter look at technology

The session was really about being able to take away something useful while also seeing, thinking, contemplating ideas that may be coming to a classroom near you soon…

All links used by Adam in this electronic handout: http://p-qr.com/ehandout

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  • How to run a distance learning game?
  • Are wearable technologies doing anything useful?
  • What is coming next? Apps? Web solutions?

This was an audience participation session. It was delivered in a format, that itself, may provide ideas for doing things  differently.

This session was videoed – unfortunately, Adam’s exuberance in revealing a multitude of devices from his pockets, shoes and otherwise about his person, accidently dislodged the mic so sound in the video varies in quality.

About the presenter:

Adam Blackwood, e-Learning Adviser

Adam Blackwood, is an e-Learning Adviser (Teaching & Learning) for the JISC Regional Support Centre for the South East. He studied at various places and learnt about clocks in green crabs, feeding behaviour in brown trout and then later taught… Computing?

He is really enthusiastic about the role of technology to help learners. Adam likes the use of mobile technologies, used appropriately to enhance learning opportunities and environments for learners. He has spoken at various international conferences (although, never on crabs or fish) and loves teaching. He has been a lecturer, a curriculum head, an e-Learning Business Development Manager, and early in JISC, he project managed the JANET connectivity to colleges in the South East. He likes swimming underwater too… with very little technology.


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