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‘works with most mobile devices – great user interface -excellent intro video’@Tysoe

Impact of e-learning across the College

Simon Gale talked about the ways in which Orchard Hill College has embedded e-learning throughout their bespoke curriculum and showcased some of the adapted resources and materials the College has produced to enable its students to learn more effectively.


Sharespace is a Safe social networking for learners with autism and other learning disabilities.The reason why a bespoke system was set up was to create a safe learning environment but also as a stepping stone to using twitter and Facebook.

  • Students with disabilities can make mistakes in a supported way and learn from those mistakes.
  • Sharespace’s enhanced accessibility features means there is voice over and visual magnification while background and font size can be changed accordingly.

 How it is used

  • We  saw the video, created using Adobe Voice, that learners see as soon as they log on that clearly introduces them to Sharespace and what they can do there .
  • Great for those learners who are anxious about transition to a new site as they can take a virtual tour of the college.
  • Lots of others features including music video of the week which is something that students themselves have asked for.

‘Students have taken ownership of the site itself by asking for certain features’ Simon Gale

How was the learning enhanced

  • Blogs are a big part as students update and write about  their everyday life or work experience which  then leads to discussion in the classroom.
  • Enabling students to interact with each other across five campuses allowing them to extend their social network safely.
  • The students’ podcasts have had quite a large impact as it has allows them to work on their communication skills and increase confidence.
  • Podcasts have featured on their local hospital radio as well as regional radio.

About the presenter:

Simon Gale, Curriculum Lead

I have worked at Orchard Hill College for twelve years and have taught as a lecturer and senior LSA. In my current role as curriculum lead I am driving the use of technology throughout the College and supporting teaching teams to use new technology to engage our students. In addition to this I am developing our e-learning curriculum.

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