This Flipping Classroom

You may have heard of the “flipped classroom” model. It seems to be a bit of a hot topic at the moment. The idea is that we free up classroom time for higher end questioning by getting our students to learn the basic content of the lesson before they get there by watching a short video streamed to their devices, say Clare Phillips and David Philip, maths teachers at Newham Sixth Form College.

The reasons for using these technologies:

  • Free time for more challenging questions in class
  • Encourage collaborative classroom

Watch the presentation:

How it was used:

  • Maths team of 10 have all made videos on topics
  •  This involves low effort but maximum impact
  • Apps used – DoceriScreencast omatic
  • Students can watch them at their leisure

How was the learning enhanced:

From the students:

  • NEWVIC StudentsMaths is very different this year
  • All watch videos – learn the basics before coming to the class
  • Gets us to do more work
  • More time efficient – can review work at exam time
  • Use of white boards in the classroom allows comparison with others’ work
  • Helps teacher to spot where help is needed.

Any tips?

  • If you are in a dept that doesn’t share get them sharing!
  • Make use of your e-Learning team
  • Solve issues of sound, organisation of videos
  • Students want more videos on exam questions – get the students to create the content!


  • AS syllabus finished early
  • Improvement in mock results

About the presenters:

Claire Philiips and David Philip Claire Phillips, Maths Teacher

Claire Phillips has been teaching maths in the east end for many years.  Despite her advancing age she embraces new technology and is constantly amazed by her ability to do anything with new-fangled gadgets.  As a result she takes any opportunity to evangelise and say “if I can do it anyone can!”

David Philip, Maths Teacher

David Philip is a maths teacher who’s trying to get better at being a maths teacher.  He got interested by the idea of Flipped Learning at the BETT conference and with the help of a hugely supportive e-learning team has been flipping his lessons ever since.