Things have moved on a lot over the last few years. Very inspiring –  Tim Morgan

Using Open Badges to support study programmes and enterprise

The reason for using the technology.

With the introduction of Study Programmes in September 2013, LeSoCo introduced the Enterprise Hub, a modern and flexible space where students, primarily 16-18 year olds, learn additional skills essential to employers that will help them stand out from other applicants and increase their opportunities to get good jobs, enter HE or start their own businesses. These skills are recognised by the awarding of Open Badges issued through Moodle.

How it was used.

It is important to acknowledge that there are abilities that are not recognised in the official curriculum and the use of  badges do this as they are given to  students who develop  a range of skills through a series of project based activities including subject specific projects, competitions and employer briefs. In addition  the use of a gamification principle behind the badges are attractive to this age group. To establish the Open badge concept the  first badge was given out at the end of the induction quiz. Moodle is used as the platform, this has  a responsive theme built into the core which is really useful for including everyone as iPads are being used by students more and more.

How was the learning enhanced?

  •  Badges were created for various activities such as a competition for a project based learning activity, coding competitions and digital drawing using iPads. The aim of these objectives was to learn how to approach things a little differently.

Any tips for using in others’ practice.

  • Badges need to be designed with  a clear image about what it  is for  as well as a clear logo of the college.
  • It is important to set down a clear criteria when linking Open badges to Moodle activity. All that goes in the criteria is generated by Moodle so you need to think about  details  such as a contact email so that the badge can be verified if an employer or other provider ever needs to do so.
  • Open badges can be displayed in e-porfolios like Mahara or even on some social networks such as  linkedin.
  • One of the challenges was that as the badges are issued against the college’s email address,there was the issue of what to do when students leave and no longer have the college email account? The solution is to share collection of badges on Facebook or other space and once it is there it remains indefinitely.

About the presenters:

Jo Burbidge, Projects and Innovations ManagerIMG_1225 (Large)

Jo has a wealth of experience around VLEs, e-assessment, synchronous and asynchronous communications and mobile technologies which she has gained from the successful management of a wide range of eLearning projects: ALFS (Advancing Learning with Functional Skills), a JISC Curriculum Delivery project – “Making the New Diploma a Success” which resulted in the development of eME, the LeSoCo student portal, MoLeNET and BLoCS (Blended Learning of Construction Skills).

AdIMG_1229 (Large)rian Cowell, Multimedia Developer

Adrian has worked in the area of multimedia for over ten years and has extensive experience of frontend development and design of multimedia content for both websites and offline use. He is versed in all major frontend languages, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript libraries. Adrian has been instrumental in the rollout of the use of iPads in various curriculum areas and the development of Apps to support Induction to work based learners. He’s recently delivered coding sessions to IT, ESOL and Creative Industries students.