iPorta logoWe believe in looking at educational establishments differently, so they are able to improve collaboration and communication as a result of that fresh perspective.

We believe in challenging the way educational establishments think about connecting and engaging within their organisation.

As a result, we believe in enabling organisations to take a fresh view from “outside the box” so they can see overlooked opportunities to improve Collaboration and Communication on any device, anywhere, with anyone to reduce costs, improve productivity, improve learning and decision making.

Infrastructure: The Internet is creating many opportunities. Your network infrastructure must evolve to capture them.

Learning Classroom: Forget the blackboard, chalk and exercise books. You can also forget the textbooks and the stationary can be packed away. There is no need for any of them in the classroom of today. Create a “digitally rich” environment.

BYOD Mobile wireless: We help provide the current wireless solutions available that are necessary to meet the learning and teaching requirements of a modern learning provider.

e-Safety: Safeguarding against Cyber-bullying, harassment, defamation, hosting liability and data protection.

Sustainability: The five milestones for sustainability engage your school, college or business on the journey of understanding – what sustainability is, and how it should watermark all your organisation and administrative processes.

Classroom Technologies – and update on devices. Focussing on presentation technologies, interactive whiteboard update, this session is an opportunity to receive an update and gets some hands-on time with technologies that you may be interested in or already planning to deploy.
Using below and Apple TV, Ipod, iPhone, iPad and Windows tablet.

Does my wireless network meet my curriculum and user expectations?
Aerohive Wireless infrastructure will present the current wireless technical solutions available increasingly these are becoming required to meet the learning and teaching requirements of a modern learning provider. By http://iporta.co/Aerohive/

How can I improve the utilisation, ROI and effectiveness of the user mobile experience?
Delivering services to a plethora of differing OS mobile devices means that many simply can’t scope a solution, so with a drive to achieve better ROI on mobile investment, what can be done and what will this do for the user experience? WatchDox collaboration of docs and office apps anywhere securely by http://iporta.co/watchdox/

Working towards the Flipped Classroom – Lecture capture; can it be used in my teaching and learning and what can I use? By http://iporta.co/ubcast/

Need a video studio solution in one box? A presentation from Tricaster demonstrating how more complicated video lessons or presentation can be created. By http://iporta.co/tricaster/

Supporting students through video collaboration, another example how a cloud based video delivery solution can be used to work in a collaborative virtual classroom environment. Presented by http://iporta.co/starleaf/

Unified Communication IM/Voice/Video to support blended learning http://iporta.co/3cx/