i-Learn – an approach to develop independent learning

Informative – gives you lots of ideas to improve T&L practice.   Miles Metcalfe

A collaborative approach to support staff and students with the skills to create, and learn

The presentation:

The reason for using technology

  • Major blended learning programme across college on iLearn ( the West Thames Moodle).
  • Hours on this blended course part of their timetabled hours.
  • Delivered in learning spaces.
  • Learners presenting their assignments in lots different ways such as blogs.

How it was used

  • Mapping  the blending learning to pedagogy.
  • Learning is activity based rather than just watching videos . For example a  learner picks a topic,reearched it and then create a presentation that teachers access remotely.
  • Learning technologist Shehzad Khan:  “my coaching and mentoring background helps me use active listening skills to work with staff to develop technology for teaching and learning – so after drop in sessions did not work  they decided to do more one to one that worked better.
  • Staff also created online ‘ stuck site’ and made it more usable by categorising and using  simple language.
  •  ‘being nice goes a long way’ and ‘If IT support is really supportive innovation will happen’
  • IT support created  a course using Gamification principles for i-learn assistants who work with learners in the learning space.
  • Learning Assistant Ross Gouldie told how scaffolding independent learning in this blended  way was particularly useful  for  those students   going to University  as this model was  independent learning but with support.
  • Khan Academy  is used in  conjunction with functional skills maths.  It does an initial assessment and  gives an individualised programme. Really good for tracking and troubleshooting.

How was learning improved

  • Really good for learners who are missing out in the class, supplemented by their work using Kahn.
  • Independent learning … Good for future skills

About the presenters:

West Thames presenters getting ready for iLearn presentationPenny Langford, e-Learning Manager

Penny has been in e-Learning Management for a number of years. She has been responsible for e-learning material and course development, in FE and with external partners, as well as delivering CPD and training in the use of learning technologies.

Shehzad Khan, Learning Technologist

Shehzad has worked in education for a number of years, starting as a Learning Resources Assistant and is now a Learning Technologist. In his role, Shehzad is responsible for administering the College’s VLE (Moodle), supporting staff with all aspects of e-Learning and researching and developing new technologies and innovative delivery.

Ross Gouldie, i-learn Assistant/Part Time Lecturer

With a background in engineering, Ross utilises his knowledge to support the learners under his supervision. In his role, he supports learners with the digital literacy skills in order to access resources and activities via the College’s VLE. He also investigates new technologies and supports staff to develop these for use in his i-learn sessions.