eTrakr logoCome and see VLE Support’s outstanding eILP, ‘eTrakr’

eTrakr is centred around the learner journey. The system creates an individualised learning plan for each student, pulling in all the essential data and allowing specific targets and action plans to be set, promoting stretch and challenge.

 eTrakr enables colleges to give a real boost to the quality of their provision, because its benefits are so wide ranging:

  • Students are better motivated as they can easily assess their learning journey
  • Teachers are able to monitor, assess and analyse their students’ performance, helping them to identify issues and intervene fast
  • Parents and guardians can log in to see up-to-date information about attendance, punctuality and progress
  • Managers are provided with a global view of the students’ assessments and individual assessment criteria, increasing transparency.

VLE Support additionally provide outstanding consultancy and training to guide the eTrakrilp implementation, as well as ongoing support and advice.

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