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Martin Compton strikes again, so full of enthusiasm. I defy anyone to walk away feeling “meh” (to quote students)!!!StevenH667S

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One of the core principles of Martin Compton‘s e-teaching course (10 weeks, 2.5 hours per week, focussed on exploiting cloud-based tools for teaching and learning) is the structure of delivery that enables the sessions to be differentiated sufficiently to accommodate the technophobic through to the “techno-savvy” and right up to the “techsperts”. With the focus on some of the resources used in these sessions, the ‘not training’ delivery model  can be applied to one-off sessions or accredited courses. The question why use these types of tools? The answer is simple; they save time, they are free, you can flip them and most importantly they are easy to use.

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How is learning enhanced

  • A treasure hunt using tools such as Prezi gets learners to collect codes and makes them focus in on the wrong answers that need attention to complete the mission.
  • Google slides used in the e-teaching course for getting teachers to summaries what have have learnt collaboratively on e-safety
  • The use of self-directed materials such as quizlet and Glogster has strong elements of gamification
  • Blendspace, a great lesson planning tool and worth searching to see what others have done to save you time
  • Quiz tools for  differentiated learning
  • Google Form driven webquest and multiple wiki follow-up


  • Try Blendspace as it lets you drags media into tiles as a basis of a self -directed resource
  • Use tools together to maximise effect
  • A lot of these tools are easier to access than a VLE

About the presenter:

Martin Compton, Teacher Trainer

Martin Compton is a teacher trainer at the snappily named Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College. He also works as a Freelance Educator for the Holocaust Educational Trust, is a Teaching Fellow of the University of Westminster and a member of the JISC London RSC advisory board. His professional passion is finding and sharing ‘free and easy’ cloud based tools that engage teachers and, in turn, their students. His personal passion is Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. No prizes for guessing which has given him most satisfaction this year.

He has been teaching since 1992 which seems to him like moments ago until he thinks about how much technology has changed in that time. Gone, but not forgotten, are the banding machines, carefully written and coloured-in OHP transparencies and massive TVs with doors on them. It does make him think that teachers do need to do their best to keep up with educational (and other) technology and further reinforces his notion that the easier the tools are the more likely teachers are to use them.



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